Sunday, 29 December 2013

A year of travelling

Hester has been travelling for just over a year now, in that time she has criss crossed the globe, travelled by car, plane and boat.
She spent last New Year in The French Alps, she had a lovely long visit travelling across Australia from Melbourne to Perth and the beautiful Christian's Beach. She had a brief visit to the USA, and then off to Algiers where she celebrated Eid, and back to the USA, where she has just spent Christmas in Kansas and Nebraska.

Hester has visited 10 different countries, and travelled so many miles we have lost count! Most importantly though, Hester has raised  £520.47 for SANDs 

Hester's journey has  not been without the odd hiccup, she has had a few injuries on the way, gone missing on the long journey from Australia to the USA, and missed her flights to Japan.
The injuries were expertly taken care of by the lovely Kate in Australia, she finally made it to Oregon in the USA after going AWOL on the journey from Perth, and the Japan trip has been re scheduled for June 2014 (with a little luck).

Initially Hester only planned to travel for a year, but those plans have now been extended for another year because so many families want to take part, and because travel plans don't always go smoothly.
We'd like to say a huge thank you to all the families that have hosted Hester over the past year, and to all those expecting to host over the coming year. And of course a massive thank you to everyone who has donated.
If you are reading and would like to host please leave a comment here and we will get back to you. Donating is easy, just click this link  .

Hester is staying in the USA for a little while, and then heading North to Canada. You can keep up with Hester's journey here and on her Facebook page.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Australia, USA and on to Japan

Hester has been busy since April, she spent some time with the Dudley family in Perth, Australia at Christian's beach, a special place close to the hearts of many babylost families.

From there Hester had a long haul across the ocean to the USA, where she spent some time with the Rodman family in Oregon. You can read about her visit on Angela's beautiful blog.

Hester is now heading to Japan to spend time with another lovely family, photos to follow of her adventures.

Hester has now visited 8 different countries, not bad for 6 months travel.

Don't forget if you'd like to sponsor Hester's travels and raise money for SANDs the stillbirth and neo natal death charity please follow this link to donate, even just £1 makes such a difference.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Australian adventure continues..

Hester has enjoyed spending the summer in Australia, since spending time with the Hepplestons, she has experienced a heatwave with Hannah and her family that made her cast aside her clothes for a while.

Hester is now having fun with the Phillips family, before she heads off to Perth to spend time with the Dudleys.

Thankfully, the heatwave has passed, and Hester is in more modest attire!


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hester's Australian Adventures Continue.

Hester has been having a fabulous time in Australia, staying with the Heppleston family for Australia Day celebrations, and then accompanying one of the small Hepplestons on his first day at Kindy.

The Heppleston family then passed Hester onto the Thurgood family. She visited Bonbeach at sunset.

She also visited the Royal Children's Hospital, had her broken arm repaired and enjoyed a farewell breakfast with the Thurgood boys, including Jophes Teddy. x 

Don't forget it's easy to sponsor Hester on her travels and donate to support the work of SANDS, the stillbirth and neo natal death charity, just visit Hester's Just Giving Page.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Gumbaya Park Victoria Australia

Hester has been meeting some of the Antipodean wildlife. The Holmes family took her to Gumbaya Park in Victoria. She had a great day out, and was grateful for her bonnet which helped with the 30degree heat.

Hester will be moving on soon to spend some time with another family, meanwhile she's thoroughly enjoying her time with Kate, Jon, Georgina and James Holmes.

Don't forget you can sponsor Hester on her travels by making a donation on her Just Giving Page.
Hester is raising funds for SANDs the stillbirth and neo natal death charity. Sands support anyone affected by the lost of an infant in this way.
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Friday, 18 January 2013

Hester is in Australia!

Hester arrived back in Manchester at the beginning of January, but immediately set off for a very brief trip to Aberdeen, and then back to Manchester to catch her first long haul flight.
Here she is on the plane choosing a movie to watch for the first part of her trip, Manchester-Dubai.

She only had a couple of hours in Dubai before heading to Australia. Dubai airport

Hester is staying with the Holmes family in Melbourne, and is acclimatising to the weather, which is much warmer than anywhere she has been so far!

Checking out the Holmes garden.

Meeting Belle and Ginny, the family pets.

And the hermit crabs.

Looking forward to seeing lots more of Hester's adventures in Australia, and if any Australian readers want to host her, just leave a comment on this post. (Or if you are in New Zealand )

Miles Travelled: 12998.1
Countries Visited: 7
Money Raised : £395


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years Eve Celebrations

Hester headed up a mountain again on New Years Eve, this time at the wheel of a Snow Cat!

Hester enjoyed meeting more new friends in the candlelit mountain restaurant, La Grand Ourse on Mt Chery.

Thanks to all the friendly staff there who took care of Hester and thank you for the donation to Hester's fund.

Total now raised £355. To make a donation please visit Hester's Just Giving page.